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Sher Simon Design is a full service custom garden/landscape and floral design service. She can bring your dream garden to life. Our team also provides seasonal custom designed containers, organic gardening and maintenance. The Minnesota Arboritum is featuring one of Sher's private garden designs this spring.

She consults with home furnishing design studios and has worked as a buyer and designer in the industry for 16 years. She has been referred by the top interior designers for tasteful custom arrangements and holiday decorating. Sher gives popular seminars on floral design styles, holiday trends, and accessories. Featured on the cover of Minnesota Monthly and the holiday section of Midwest Home and Garden.

Proud contributor of the Pay it Forward Fund for breast cancer.

She is also an author with her book:
Suddenly A Centerpiece

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As a child I would follow my mom around in her beautiful garden. She had a brilliant eye for color and texture. She would create paths that would lead you through with a sense of mystery. Repetition and rhythm gave it unity without being to obvious. Even as a child I could appreciate the flow of the garden, I think I was learning even way back then. There was always a focal point a statue made of aged stone an old antique bird bath surrounded by old fashion flowers, the kind that have been around forever. And without planning she would have the most beautiful hummingbirds, butterflies and unique birds that would visit. I would search for hours looking for the garden fairies that must live also, all in harmony with the garden.




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